Aims and Objectives

The Embedding Institutional Data Curation Services in Research (EIDCSR) project aims to address the data preservation requirements of two collaborating research groups in Oxford, by scoping the curation and preservation requirements for research data and embedding selected elements of the digital curation lifecycle, including policy, workflow, and sustainability solutions within the research process at an early stage. The workflows generated by the project are intended to scale to include other research domains and the outputs should be of use to other research intensive institutions.

  • Embedding institutional services for data curation for two specific research communities that can then be expanded to other research disciplines;
  • Introduce curatorial practices within research workflows to add value to everyday scholarly work;
  • Develop and coordinate institutional and service level policies and economic models for the management, preservation and sharing of research data;
  • Investigate the roles and responsibilities of service providers in Oxford to support their researchers with the management and curation of research data by developing a deep understanding of research workflows with data and how they may interface with institutional services.